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I have been receiving Zometa via IV infusion for about 3 years now - At first three weekly then after about a year, four weekly - I have breast cancer, bone metastasis. If I take the infusion over 15 minutes....during the following day I will begin with severe vomiting and flu symptoms which last for two days and nights after which I'm fine. However, if I have the infusion over 30 minutes - as advised on the internet way back in the early days of my treatments, I have NO side effects whatsoever - no sickness, no aches & pains! I have spoken to other women who have experienced the same - take the infusion slower, drink plenty of water, and you might just find your horrid side-effects disappear!

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The World Drug Reference Online (International DRO) provides athletes and help personnel with details about the prohibited standing of specific medicines based on the current World Anti-Doping Company (WADA) Prohibited Record. The perennial excuse for prohibiting Canadian drug imports is security” concerns, based largely on the spurious notion that Canadian medicine aren't subject to comparable requirements to that used to control US drug markets. (Actually, many of them are simply resold US-made medication). A current evaluation by the Senate Committee on Aging acknowledged that sometimes the standards of Canada and other equally developed countries are stringent and corresponding to US requirements.” The latest version of the bill also includes safeguards for oversight of drug sourcing by the Food and Drug Administration, and protections against counterfeiting.
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